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For the first time in history, aluminum was created by Danish chemist H.C. Erstad in 1825. It is the most commonly used metal in our living environment. The demand for aluminum is dramatically increasing due to recycling, its light weight and convenient usability. Daeyeong profile uses such aluminum materials to develop more convenient and economical products.

  • extrusions profiles

    Extrusions Profiles - Direct extrusion, also known as forward extrusion, is the most common extrusion process and it uses a reusable dummy block.

    extrusions profiles

  • extrusion aluminum

    Extrusion Aluminum - In indirect extrusion, also known as backwards extrusion, the billet and container move together while the die is stationary.

    extrusion aluminum

  • extrusions aluminium

    Extrusions Aluminium - In hydrostatic extrusion process, billet is completely surrounded by a pressurized liquid, except where the billet contacts the die.

    extrusions aluminium

  • alluminum extrusions

    Alluminum Extrusions - One of the main advantages of the extrusion process is that this ratio can be very large while still producing quality parts.

  • aluminium extruding

    Aluminium Extruding - Daeyeong Profile is a company which specializes in aluminum extrusion. We take care of our customers from designing to manufacturing.

  • alluminum extrusion

    Alluminum Extrusion - Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. Commonly extruded materials: metals, polymers, etc.

  • aluminium angle extrusion

    Aluminium Angle Extrusion - Hot extrusion is a hot working process, which means the process is done above the material's recrystallization temperature.

  • aluminum framing extrusions

    Aluminum Framing Extrusions - Cold extrusion is done at room temperature or near room temper
    ature and results lower oxidation level and higher strength.

  • aluminum hinge extrusions

    Aluminum Hinge Extrusions - Warm extrusion is done above room temperature, but below the recrystallization temperature of the material.

  • extrusion profile

    Extrusion Profile - Aluminum Tube - To improve the roughness, we have adopted a pre-processing method for the hard anodizing process.